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Located behind the University Mall, at the intersection of I-10 & I-110, the venue operates as a first-run movie theatre at night, but is usually closed during the day.  Room rental is available day or night.  We have 4 rooms of varying size and seating capacity available, ranging up to 200 people seated at movable tables and chairs.  We have a full kitchen and liquor license.  All rooms have flat floors.  Our audio, film, and video capabilities are unsurpassed.  Our full screen video projection systems allows us to project a presentation using computer power point, DVD, and cable programming.  And, of course, you will have no trouble seeing an image on our large screens and hearing your presentation on our theatre sound systems.  After choosing the time, buy phentermine online without prescription. buy provigil no prescription. buy prednisone without prescription. buy soma online. please review the rental rates, and, of course, call us at 476-7469 or email us at to discuss the particulars of your event.
     1. NONSHOWTIME*                                                    
           ROOM #        SEATS    RENTAL RATE*         CHARGE/HR
Cinema 1 (2,500SF)     200                $350                   $50                   
Cinema 2 (2,200SF)     170                $300                   $50                    
Cinema 3 (1,700SF)     130                $250                   $50                    
Cinema 4 (1,700SF)     130                $250                   $50                    
*anytime not falling in 5P-11P time slot (3 hour rental)   

     2.  SHOWTIME RATE**
           ROOM #        SEATS           FRI & SAT          SUN-TH
Cinema 1 (2,500SF)     200                 $550               $450
Cinema 2 (2,200SF)     170                 $500               $400
Cinema 3 (1,700SF)     130                 $450               $350
Cinema 4 (1,700SF)     130                 $450               $350
**5P-11P, 2 hour rental


REFRESHMENTS, FOOD & ALCOHOL:  available for events.  Typical lunch or dinner charge is $7.50--this includes an entree plus unlimited soda.  Groups over 100 people, each being served a meal, will receive FREE room rental.

Outside catering is allowed, but must be co-ordinated with management in advance.

Deposit of 50% required to hold an event.

NOTE: All rates subject to change, depending on the particular circumstances of any rental.